Friday, July 08, 2011

Rockall #1

This is a large rock, of a conical or sugarloaf shape, the summit or upper part of which is perfectly white, from the  quantity of birds' dung, with which it is covered. Though it had been seen many times, its true situation was unknown till the year 1810, when it was ascertained by Mr. T. Harvey, master of the Endi/?nicn frigate. Together with the bank on which it stands, it was examined by Captain Vidal, R.N., in 1831, and again, in August, 1862, by the officers of H.M.S. Porcupine, when surveying the bank of deep soundings West of Ireland, and during which survey the Porcupine Bank was discovered.

This solitary rock, the summit of a submarine mountain, emerges from the ocean in lat. 57° 36' 20" N., long. 13° 41' 30" W., 225 miles N. 53° W., true, from Tory Island, off the North coast of Ireland. It rises to an elevation of 70 ft. above the sea, is about 250 ft. in circumference at its base, and is composed of a coarse granite. The summit, sharp-pointed and whitened by birds, can only be gained from its N.E. side, and landing is at all times difficult, for it is steep on all sides. On the N.E. side, however, is a small detached rock, called Haslewood Rock, uncovered at halftide, with 30 fathoms of water between it and Rockall, from which it bears N.E. by N., 1$ cable distant. The lowest estimate that was formed of the range of the tide, judging from the appearance of the rock, was 6 ft.; but this seems large for a tide-wave in mid-ocean.
A directory for the North Atlantic Ocean, comprising instructions, general ... By Alexander G. Findlay

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

thatwhichfalls #12

Afaho (Subika) - Franco closed this deal during the heart of the '08 crash from Newmont, paying $58 million for a 2% NSR on Newmont's Ghana property. The royalty becomes payable after 1.2m ounces have been produced, which will be towards the very end of 2011, start of 2012. While over 50% of total production have been within that which falls on Franco's royalty or approx. 250k annually (with the potential to optimize operations in the years ahead). Annual attr production will amount to about 5k ounces annually.
Clash Of The Titans: Royal Gold vs. Franco-Nevada

Geologists are the Coolest and Sexiest Men Alive