Friday, August 19, 2011

Rigs I Have Worked On #12 - Rowan Gorila IV

Rig Name: Rowan Gorilla IV
Rig Manager: Rowan
Rig Owner: Rowan
Competitive Rig: Yes
Rig Type: Jackup
Jackup Type: Independent Leg Cantilever
Rig Design: LeTourneau Class 200-C Gorilla
Rated Water Depth: 450 ft
Drilling Depth: 30,000 ft

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus #11


MY SON, that which is born of the crow is the beginning of Art. Behold, how I have obscured matter treated of, by circumlocution, depriving thee of the light. Yet this dissolved, this joined, this nearest and furtherest off I have named to thee. Roast those things, therefore, and boil them in that which comes from the horse's belly for seven, fourteen, or twenty-one days. Then will the Dragon eat his own wings and destroy himself; this being done, let it be put into a fiery furnace, which lute diligently, and observe that none of the spirit may escape.
And know that the periods of the earth are in the water, which let it be as long as until thou puttest the same upon it. The matter being thus melted and burned take the brain thereof and triturate it in most sharp vinegar, till it becomes obscured. This done, it lives in the putrefaction, let the dark clouds which were in it before it was killed be converted into its own body. Let this process be repeated, as I have described, let it again die, as I before said, and then it lives.
In the life and death thereof we work with the spirits, for as it dies by the taking away of the spirit, so it lives in the return and is revived and rejoices therein. Being arrived then at this knowledge, that which thou hast been searching for is made in the Affirmation, I have even related to thee the joyful signs, even that which doth fix the body. But these things, and how they attained to the knowledge of this secret, are given by our ancestors in figures and types; behold, they are dead; I have opened the riddle, and the book of knowledge is revealed, the hidden things I have uncovered, and have brought together the scattered truths within their boundary, and have conjoined many various forms -even I have associated the spirit. Take it as the gift of God.

Alsop 1964

Alsop, L.E., 1964: Spheroidal free periods of the Earth observed at eight stations around the world. Bull. Seismol. Soc. America, 54, 755-776.
Spectral peaks corresponding to the spheroidal free periods of oscillation of the earth exist in the spectra of eight seismograms written at stations in different, parts of the world shortly after the great Chilean earthquake of 22 May l960. These data have been combined with those previously reported by various authors to obtain a very precise phase velocity vs period curve for Rialeigh waves in the period range of 200 to 3200 seconds. The observed spectral amplitudes lend sonic support to the assumption of a moving source, but, they also indicate that the present theory is not accurate. The vertical motion is found to be symmetric with respect to reflections through the pole.

trit·u·rate  (trch-rt)
tr.v. trit·u·rat·ed, trit·u·rat·ing, trit·u·rates
To rub, crush, grind, or pound into fine particles or a powder; pulverize.
n. (-r-t)
A triturated substance, especially a powdered drug.

[Late Latin trtrre, trtrt-, to thresh, from Latin trtra, a threshing, from trtus, past participle of terere, to thresh; see ter-1 in Indo-European roots.]

tritu·ra·ble adj.
tritu·rator n.