Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Poem #2

Oh fly, fly up to the sky Summer Bean
Fly up, fly back, tell me what you've seen

"I saw stars like snowflakes on black, black cloth
I saw two moons kissing, a comet like a moth
Meteors hissing across it all
Planets dancing as if at a ball"

Oh swim, swim into the sea Summer Bean
Swim down, swim back, tell me what you've seen

"I saw fish flicker in front of crinkly coral
I saw crabs scuttle, a ship in a bottle
Seaweed ripples in the heavy waves
Seahorses hide in deep, dark caves"

Oh dig, dig into the ground Summer Bean
Dig down, dig deep, tell me what you've seen

"I saw worms wiggle, beetles in the soil
I saw Molten rock bubbling, all on the boil
Glittering gold, blue black stone
I saw all this and then I went home."