Friday, November 04, 2011

Astronaut Poem

A long time ago
Men landed on the moon
Some said, "What's the point?"
But they were too soon

To say that those men
In their white and gray suits
Shouldn't have gone there
To stomp around in their big boots

No, to complete the mission
There is one last thing to do
We need to summon our forces

She will need the correct toys
Buzz Lightyear or such-like
She'll need a white space-suit
To get around she'll need a bike

She'll go to astronaut school
Learn science and rocket-ships
How to bounce around in zero gee
Deal with space-chapped lips

Yes, to be a space girl would be
Lonely and glorious too
To plant a flag and look back
At Earth, that little stone of blue

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've uploaded another anthology to Amazon and Smashwords - Bubbles, two stories set in my Shoal Wars universe.

Bubbles - after the Earth has been destroyed by enigmatic aliens the remnants of humanity spiral towards civil war.

Jasmine – a pre-pubescent astronaut discovers the truth about her mission and vows revenge.

Available here.