Friday, March 25, 2005

"An engineer. He suffers from insomnia"

"Ghost capital, real city of varied stones, the great gray place of winds and wynds, old, new and festive by turns, between the river and the hills with its own stone stump, that frozen flow, that fractured plug of ancient matter that fascinated him.
He came to stay in Sciennes road, just liking the name, not knowing the place. It was handy, both for the university and the Institute, and if he pressed his face against the window of his cold, high-ceilinged room he could just see one edge of the Crags, gray-brown corrugations above the slate roofs and smoke of the city."

From The Bridge by Iain Banks.

The above quote comes about half way through the book. The city is Edinburgh, the Institute is the Grant Institute of Geology.
I read this book for the first time as a first year geology student at Edinburgh University, living in a high-ceilinged flat on Sciennes Road. When I read the words above I pressed my face to the cold window and saw the edge of Arthurs Seat and a little of Salisbury Crags.
I put the book down for a few days.
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