Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Art of Ed Kienholz

From the Guardian Arts Pages, here.

"In his Conceptual Tableaux, made in the 1960s, Kienholz wrote details of proposed works, each accompanied by a brass plaque, that would eventually be realised if a buyer came up with the cash.

The Black Leather Chair, from 1966:
This is a tableau about the Negro in America. The piece is simply a black leather chair completely covered in a block of lucite plastic and mounted on a suitable base. On the left side is a tunnel in the plastic where the viewer can reach in and touch one small portion of the chair.

"It is possible that I will never be able to make this tableau as I do not have the chair in my possession at this time. It is stored in an attic in Texas and is the property of a Negro family there. I am told by a friend that although the family is reluctant to part with it, he will be able to get it for me some time in the future.

"The leather on the chair is made from the skin of his great-grandfather".

Some works don't need to be made."

More on Kienholz here.
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