Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Nebraska Figure Skater Meets the Pakistani Child Psychiatrist at the Jewish Christmas Carol Party While Eating Latkes in South Manchester

When it’s 7 inches thick,
you can really let rip.
I tell you, a double-axle
is better than two orgasms.

I prefer Hebrew for getting through.
The kids are mostly Jewish, anyway.
Don’t you think samosas would have been
a better choice for bridging gaps tonight?

Yeah, the Red Sea, the Indus, the Platte
and then there’s Jesus, walking on the water.
If kids could skate on thick Nebraska ice,
I know they’d be safe as houses.

All I’d have to do is sharpen their blades
and never even have to shrink them.
Hey, don’t you wish we had the words
to all these songs in front of us?

Not really. We can manage.
Fa la la la la,,,!

Linda Chase
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