Monday, December 06, 2010

Fifteen ways of Looking at a Lapwing, #12

These are the jokes - An Interlude

A Lapwing went to heaven
It was full of foxes
The Lapwing confused them all with graceful pirouettes on its' "good" wing and million mile an hour loops
No eggs were lost

When NASA decided to send a Lapwing to the Space Station they sent no eggs.
The Lapwing adopted some spider eggs instead.
It learned to loop and gyre in micro-gravity, teaching the baby spiders to spin the strange webs they spin in space.
It tried to lure away the bits of cosmic radiation always hammering through the station.
At this it was 100% successful.
Unfortunately the scientists weren't watching.
The spiders grew up happy, well-adjusted and expert web makers

birdscreamingland would be prime real estate if it weren't for all the needles

All Lapwings have subscriptions to People magazine. It makes excellent nesting material.
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