Friday, December 24, 2010

thatwhichfalls #2

"My opinion is, that it will be necessary to leave a large part, if not the whole, of the troops now on the left of the Tagus in the Alentejo, at least till our works shall be in some greater degree of forwardness; and the measures I should wish you to pursue are generally to confine the enemy's operations as much as you can, taking advantage for that purpose of the course of the different rivers which fall into the Tagus. The first of these is that which falls into the Tagus at Benavente ; the second that which falls into the Tagus at Camora Correa; the third that which falls into the Tagus above Aldea Galega ; then the line from Moita to Palmela; and lastly, that from Almada to Traffaria."
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