Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red, Part 3 - A Dull, Temporary Looking Structure

{Placed here because I somehow deleted the original version}

I flowed up the Thames, across the Channel and up the Western coast of mainland Europe.
Flowing was beautiful around there with clear un-polluted water run through with refreshing threads of natural Red. It was horribly dangerous of course. A good storm and one could end up thoroughly diluted, consciousness spread out over cubic kilometers of ocean.
This time, however, I raced to Rotterdam safely and swiftly. After re-constituting myself I reported to a dull, temporary looking structure in the port area, There I met a transport nerd by the name of Michael Stevens.
"Why can't I use normal methods? Flow up rivers and across lakes? Drive? Even get a pilot and fly?," I asked.
"It's too far. We've been told to get you as close to the front as possible. It's a quarter of a million kilometers. This is the only method that makes sense in terms of speed and logistics. Get in."
Knowing I had no real choice I got into the silvery teardrop on the rail in front of us. Stevens strapped me in and closed the lid. As the capsule filled with liquid Red I shut my eyes and waited.
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