Sunday, July 17, 2011

Glaspalast für die Werkbundausstellung

Crystal Palace for the Werkbund Exhibition

The Glass Pavilion, built in 1914 and de­si­gned by Bruno Taut, was a prismatic glass dome struc­ture at the Cologne Deutscher Werk­bund Exhibition.[1][2] The struc­ture was a brightly co­lo­red land­mark of the ex­hi­bi­tion, and was con­struc­ted using concrete and glass.[1][2] The con­crete struc­ture had in­laid co­lo­red glass pla­tes on the fa­cade that acted as mir­rors.[3] Taut de­scri­bed his little temple of beauty as

«…reflections of light whose colors began at the base with a dark blue and rose up through moss green and golden yellow to culminate at the top in a luminous pale yellow.[3]
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