Monday, January 30, 2012

Extinct Promotion

My story "Connect" was published last year in the anthology "Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever," edited by the formidable Phoenix Sullivan.
On Tuesday, January 31, you can download the entire anthology Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever free from the Kindle store.
 On both Tuesday and Wednesday, you can download each of the 18 single stories for free, including my story, Connect.
By any reasonable measure we are dead.
Unity -- slow, cold and broken -- is leaving me behind. It’s a slowly boiling mass of speckled gray now. I’m walking away from it, building, understanding, memorizing as I go. And to do these things, to tie them together, I use my memories. Of being alive, of dying, of being dead.
Other authors in the anthology are participating in this promotion:
Chrystalla Thoma: "The Angel Genome"
 Peter Dudley: "Distractions"
Shona Snowden: "Blood Fruit" 
Scott Thomas Smith: "In Ring"
Jo Antareau: "My Own Secret Dinosaur"

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