Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ideal of Memory (Part 5)

"Are you listening to me?" said the sheriff. "Are you under their influence still?"
"I'm fine," said Jon. "Still woozy from what they hit me with.
"And what was that exactly?"
Jon had the sense that he was negotiating with a composite entity, the figures riding the sherrif (human and AI) communicating with each other through back-channels and summing themselves in the blank face before him.
And he was going to have to negotiate, he now realized. There would be little trust for anyone touched by the Tessellation, let alone someone who had been as unstable as Jon had been.
On an impulse he decided to not use his implants to control his easily read physical responses and then lie. He would tell the truth.
"They did something to my memory. Made it larger, more inter-connected. Like the memory surgery we do only orders of magnitude more refined."
He decided not to mention the fact that the Tessellation had implied that he had been manipulated into discovering the applications of Configuration 3. That level of Tessellation control, even indirect, would mean he would never be trusted again.
"Our recordings show the Tessellation artifact appearing, in Real and Virtual, then nothing in that area until your minder came around seven minutes later. You're saying that in that time they re-configured your psyche?" said the sheriff.
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